Sell Chametz

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Rabbi Walter will be available at Minyanim times to sell chametz.  Please download forms, print, fill out, and bring to synagogue.  If you are unable to meet Rabbi Walter at these times, please email him at to arrange an alternative. Forms DELEGATION_OF_POWER_OF_ATTORNEY_2018 _Rabbi_Walter (pdf) … Read More

Shmurah Matzah Sale

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Woodside Synagogue is pleased to announce its sale of hand-made shmurah matzah from the Shatzer Matzah bakery. This project is undertaken as a service to the community and as a fundraiser for the synagogue. Buy Matzah

The 2018 Woodside Synagogue Annual Banquet

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The 2018 Woodside Synagogue Annual Banquet honoring Alan and Sharon Horowitz is planned for Sunday, June 10 at 5:30pm at our own (renovated!) Woodside shul.  RSVP & Purchase Ads . Please see Woodside 2018 Banquet Save the Date PDF.     

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