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In our last update (six months ago!), we were almost at the end of our permit process. Much has happened, so let us catch you up.

Back in October, we had completed the plans, our permits were mostly in, and we were obtaining bids from several qualified contractors who had previously expressed interest in the project. Unfortunately, despite diligent efforts, the project stalled when we were unable to obtain more than one final bid (which was too high.)

Undaunted, we spoke with other shuls who had been in this situation. We were put in touch with a highly recommended Construction Management Firm who had many local contacts in construction and specific experience with religious institutions. In February, we hired the Construction Manager (CM).

Between February and March, the CM worked closely with us on making the project as clear as possible for potential bidders. This included commissioning interior designs detailing proposed finishes.

NOTE: Lobby NOT to SCALE in image


In mid-March, we met with five construction companies for a walkthrough of the building, and in early April all five companies had submitted detailed bids. This past week, we extensively interviewed the two lowest bidders, and we hope to sign a construction contract with one of them in the next couple of weeks.


Over the next few weeks you will see more updates on the Building Renovation Project. We will be asking for volunteers to help clear out items from the upstairs and the basement before construction. There is also an exciting matching campaign in the works, so STAY TUNED!

For more information go to the Renovation InitiativeĀ 

As always, questions may be directed to Steve Reid atĀ building@wsat.org.