Renovation Initiative – Update

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The renovation plans were submitted to Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) in late July.  We were very encouraged that DPS had only minor comments.  We are working to address those comments and hope to receive final approval in the next few weeks.


We have also given the renovation plans to several contracting companies in order for them to submit formal bids/estimates on the proposed work.  These contracting companies were carefully selected based on demonstrated experience on similar types of projects.  We also received referrals from local Jewish institutions that recently completed major renovation projects.

Fundraising Drive Campaign:

We’ve made great progress on receiving permits and soliciting bids from contractors, but we need your pledges to make this happen.  After the chagim, we are planning to reactivate our fundraising campaign (phone, email, mail, etc.) by reaching out to all members and associate members to close the final gap in our fundraising goal. If you would like to assist with this effort, please speak with Steve Reid or Chanoch Kanovsky.